We provide quality service for commercial fit-ups, renovations, and repairs in commercial construction, including restaurant equipment, general, and emergency repairs.

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Proudly helping people to build dream restaurant and offices

T&F Services provides an end-to-end services, which means the whole project experience is hassle free for our customers. A dedicated team of experts guides each customer through a step by step process, including planning, design, construction. As a trusted commercial contractor in Ottawa, T&F Services works to provide a quality service on every job. We are proud to be known for our superior customer service and on-time completion.



T&F Services supplies Winston Parts and are qualified technicians. We repair all types of faucets and spray units, replace Commercial kitchen equipment gasket. We provide walk-in cooler facelifts, and more.

Here are some of the areas we cover in the Ottawa Region:

  • Ottawa
  • Brockville
  • Arnprior
  • Renfrow
  • Pembroke
  • Cornwall
  • Hawkesbury

For any type of commercial contracting project, you can be rest assured that T&F Services will provide the best service.


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Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

T&F is a one-stop company for complete restaurant builds, project management, hood, and mechanical installations.

We at T&F service install all types of commercial food equipment including gas, electric and microwave products.

We sell and install ventilation and exhaust systems as per NFPA specifications.

We sell and repair commercial kitchen and exhaust fans, make-up air units and rooftop HVAC units.

Lastly, we sell, fabricate and install stainless steel products as required by your business.

From obtaining all necessary permits to the final touches that fully realize your Ottawa industrial, commercial, or residential ideas, you need a firm with the project management experience to make sure all the pieces fall into place. At T & F Svc, we're exactly that type of company and specific brand of project management has satisfied many developers just like you.

For us, project management has a very precise meaning, being a trusted construction partner that handles every detail of your build and is responsible for its success. While others may try to pass the buck, T & F Svc understands that you're hiring us to deliver on time results that follow your project's specifications to the letter.

On any project management job in Ottawa, you'll have a single point of contact that will keep you up to date about the progress of the assignment and oversee the entire operation. Our experienced construction superintendent will work closely with all the teams involved to make sure that our goals for efficiency, effectiveness, and quality are all being met.

Don't settle for project management companies that shirk responsibility at every chance. Call T & F Svc at 613-324-1587 and deal with a firm that's ready to deliver.

In Ottawa, a business is only as good as the space it occupies. At T & F Service, we understand the need for top quality commercial renovation and will work with you to draft plans that address every possible problem. T & F Service, you'll be giving your commercial property the best chance for success.

Whether we’re renovating a small stand-alone restaurant, a residential complex, or a large industrial warehouse, T & F Service has the skills and knowledge needed to bring your plans to life. From the start, we'll bring a value-added solution that addresses your budget, timeline, and design specifications.

Because we've been active in Ottawa for a long time, we are well aware of all the permit and fire code issues that are part and parcel to new commercial renovation. As such, we'll help you wade through the paperwork and ensure that your property meets all local requirements and standards. With T & F Service, you have a full partner, not just a contractor.

For a commercial renovation in Ottawa that's designed for success, call T & F Service at 613-324-1587.

At T & F Service, our kitchen remodels concentrate both on the attractiveness and functionality of your kitchen to make sure that everything is perfect from top to bottom.

Available all the way from assisting with design to putting the final touches on your kitchen, we'll guide every step of the process, from sourcing fixtures and appliances at the right price to adding custom-built cabinets and trim work that makes your kitchen stand out from the crowd. With peerless kitchen remodeling experience, you'll see the T & F Service difference.

We understand that budget is always a concern with a kitchen remodel and for that reason, we'll always search deep to find the best deals possible. Keeping your costs low while providing the best bang for your buck is what we do. Our pricing is completely transparent, and the final invoice will clearly show all items and materials as well as the labor expense.

Get a top-level renovation done with T & F Service and start enjoying your time in the kitchen.

In many Ottawa commercial properties, the bathroom is often the room most in need of a renovation, but the last to be done. However, the difference that a bathroom remodel can make is huge and you certainly won't regret the decision. T & F Service is here to help with a professional design-build bathroom remodel that addresses every detail of the room.

For any bathroom remodel, a T & F Service specialist will visit your property to not only see the room, but also to hear what problems you're looking to solve with the renovation. Better showers, toilets, and sinks are common concerns, but we'll also look for other ways to provide big improvements, such as bathroom lighting, flooring, and organizing fixtures to maximize the usable space.

We understand that completing a bathroom remodel in Ottawa can be a trying time. For that reason, our team of experts will work around your schedule to make as little an imposition as possible. While on the job, we'll work effectively to ensure that the bathroom renovation goes quickly without sacrificing quality and get your bathroom back to full functionality.

To schedule a visit from a T & F Service bathroom renovation expert, call 613-324-1587.

  • Interior Repairs
  • Leak Repairs
  • Tile Repairs
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Miscellaneous Repairs


One of the major considerations of any deck building project in Ottawa is what material to use. Our experience includes composite decks, standard wood, specialty wood like cedar, PVC, and much more. During the design consultation, a member of the T & F Svc team will walk you through the pros and cons to figure out which deck construction material is right for you.

During this same design phase, you'll quickly see why T & F Svc is considered to be the premier deck building company in Ottawa. Our efficient and collaborative process will make sure your ideas are fully implemented and ensure that we've looked at every detail to speed up the time spent on the construction site.


When dealing with a commercial property in Ottawa, there are a number of different options that T & F Svc can provide, including EPDM, TPO, modified asphalt, and metal, just to name a few. Each comes with it's own set of advantages and disadvantages, but one of our commercial T & F Svc will evaluate your property and help you decide on an effective roofing material.

A professional commercial roofing installation should last for decades if maintained properly, but if you start to notice leaks or other problematic signs, then it's time to give T & F Svc a call. We'll be able to investigate your roofing to find the source of the problem and will give you an honest answer about whether we think it can be salvaged or whether a new roof is needed.

For a quality deck construction and rooftop needs that transforms your Ottawa property, call T & F Svc at 613-324-1587

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Based in Ottawa, T & F Service provides quality remodel and construction services.

We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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